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Get personalised, private training sessions at Broz Martial Arts. Learn one on one from instructors with real credentials and competition/fight experience to back it up. Whether you are training for competition, learning for self-defence or just for fitness & fun, you’re always welcome to come down to Broz Martial Arts for a free trial.

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Why One-on-One?

One-on-One private sessions allow for you to hone in on skills specific to your game and work on weaknesses. Our expert coaches will build a session personalised to you to ensure you get the most out of it.


Not feeling fit for class? That’s the point! Get in and get the work done – there’s no required level of fitness to get started.

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Simply contact us or drop in to book your one-on-one session with one of our expert staff!

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Fitness & Fun

Tired of Lifting Weights?

Our experienced coaches create sessions based on your needs to help you achieve your goals, whether it be to learn new moves, get better at your current moves, get fit or just get another session in each week, we can help.

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client testimonials

lost over 15kgs

The positivity and hard work that the coaching team put in is infectious and makes you want to turn up to training.

Kris McArthur


Queensland champion

Michael has trained at Broz for a year and a half now and every member of Broz love taking the time to train with Michael.

Shane Kennedy


Great Inspiration

The woman’s class is not only great for the social aspect but it's also very empowering, BJJ is a real self defence.

Melissa Holt


Fitness Through Community

Now Or Never