Mixed Martial Arts

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Learn mixed martial arts (MMA) from instructors with real fight experience. Get fit and healthy whilst also learning martial arts skills from some of Australia’s top fighters. MMA is a combination of boxing, kickboxing and karate as well as ground based martial arts like wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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A MMA Class

A typical MMA class will consist of a warm up, learning a specific technique or punch combination and then either sparring or drilling techniques if you’re new. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fight anybody on your first day!


Not feeling fit for class? That’s the point! Get in and get the work done – there’s no required level of fitness to get started.

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For your first couple of sessions all you need to bring is a water bottle and tight fitting athletic clothing! After a while you will require some boxing/MMA gloves and a mouth guard.

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Tired of Lifting Weights?

Get Fit & Learn Skills.

If you’re sick of lifting weights, MMA is for you. Get a good workout whilst learning useful skills. MMA is one of the rare sports where you can get a top level of fitness whilst also learning valuable skills and having fun.

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client testimonials

lost over 15kgs

The positivity and hard work that the coaching team put in is infectious and makes you want to turn up to training.

Kris McArthur


Queensland champion

Michael has trained at Broz for a year and a half now and every member of Broz love taking the time to train with Michael.

Shane Kennedy


Great Inspiration

The woman’s class is not only great for the social aspect but it's also very empowering, BJJ is a real self defence.

Melissa Holt


Fitness Through Community

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